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Case Study: transforming a staircase
Transforming a Staircase with the Spray Doctor.

Follow our case study illustrating our step by step process of tranforming Mrs. Smyth's ageing and battered staircase into a new, custom finsihed work of art!

From preparation to the unveiling, this guide demonstrates our skill and professionalism when working inside your home.

Case Study Preperation.
1. Preparation.

We start by carefully masking all all areas at risk of over spray. This time consuming process is essential to protect those items that we don't want to spray!

We then rub down and prepare the surface, ready for spraying.

Case Study Spraying.
2. Spraying.

We then spray the staircase, adhereing to all health a safety regulations. Our profesional standard equipment ensures a quality finish in a timely manor.

This stage also includes any finer detailing should you choose one of our many custom finishes.

Case Study Finished Product.
3. The Finished Product.

Once the paint has dried and we are happy with the finish, all masking is carefully removed, the area cleared and the finished product unveiled!

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