spray doctor kitchen refurbishment

Due to the nature of timber it's no guarentee after your kitchen doors or furniture are painted, with a superior quality paint, that the grain will not be visible through the painted layer maintaing its integrity!

Unfortunatly timber by nature is susceptible to expansion and shrinkage depending on the enviroment in which it is installed. This means it could expand when there is an abundance of moisture in the air, particulary in in winter when excess moisture is prevalent in renovated or new builds. Contraction may occur in summer months when the climate is drier or when there is high temperature within the home. This potential natural movement of the timber can cause any layer of paint, laquer, varnish etc that has been applied to move with it and may result in panel shrinkage and hairline cracks along the joints, also where there is a moving centre panel on your doors hairline cracks may become visible.

This is considered to be a positive feature, adding an authentic look and feel to the furniture or kitchen of any customer who appreciates the fine, natural qualities of timber.